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This song is by All:My:Faults.

Take a look onto yourself and then tell me what you see
Is there more behind the scheme deep inside your shelfs
Take a look onto yourself you are nothin' but a whore
You didn't know me before but just put me in your shelfs
Take a look onto myself and then tell me what you see
I knew you wouldn't like it - just hate me

The solitude of your eyes makes me sad
Guess, how boring your life must be - I can't believe you are glad - a
Unique as you are - is often alone
A loner like you are - a smile never shown
Your only dress - your uniform - tell me, could it be, you look like the

No joking - no laughing - just live your own loneliness
Just breathing - just walking - outside of everything you love
So alone - your solitude - misantrophy will be your dead - once upon
- The black will devour you

From higher thrown you look down on me
Am I unworthy - of your society
Shall I feel small beside you - like all the others do
Shall I pray for you - like all the others do
Did you ever spent a second for thinking about the way you're treating

It's getting dark outside today - and here your company comes -
Marching there - uniformed black - white face - black eyes - black nails
- But don't you forget - the angry look - you damn sinners!

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