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Going Down

This song is by Alisha's Attic and appears on the album Illumina (1998).

And I wonder if I am ever
Gonna feel the same
It's the strangest feeling,
Like being empty when
You're really full
And it's a grumble inside, like the halo
Just slipped
'Cause I'm looking around and I shouldn't, no
I shouldn't

Oh and I lie (oh)
Oh I'm guilty inside

Am I going down?
Am I going down? I've been a bad
Bad girl
Am I going down?

And I'm thinking if maybe I like it when
You are angry
It's the strangest feeling, like being
Kicked when you're already down
It's the devil in me, says a girl that's not
Satisfied is a girl that not free

And I shouldn't be so picky

Oh this can't be right, ooh
Oh I feel like sinning tonight

It's like being drunk when i
Should be sober
It's the devil in me and the
Liking to be free, it's the liking
To be free

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