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No Human Singers Were Harmed (2013)

  1. Good Bye Earthlings
  2. Hola Susana!
  3. Machine In Love
  4. Machine In Love (Made In Taiwan Remix)
  5. Mañana De Primavera En Marte
  6. Xtreme Motions
  7. Bad Times Are Gone
  8. Crime Of Love (Vocal Version)
  9. Crime Of Love
  10. Belleza Sudamericana

Other Songs

  1. Mañana De Primavera En Marte

Additional information

Artist information:

Alien Machine is a fictious band with fictious artists. "They are not real, or even more real than you and I", says the presentation of the band in middle of the track "Machine in Love". Several songs play with the idea of the band knowing they are machine-generated. The album's title "No Human Singers Were Harmed" is another reference to this fact. But, don't be fooled! In spite of their fictional nature, lyrics, albums and songs featured here belong to real songs and real instrumental tracks.

Band members:

  • Lovely Rita and Her Sampled Clones – Vocals
  • The Niggas – Vocals, Drums
  • Henry Helper – Keyboards, computer keyboards, noises

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