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How Could I Ever Forget?

This song is by Alice Ripley, features J. Robert Spencer and appears on the musical soundtrack Next to Normal (2009).

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Diana (Dan):
We were still living downtown
My black coat thrown over my blue nightgown
You drove too fast, the lights of the city flew past
How could I ever forget?
Outside the morning was cool and wet
He had such chills but still he lay there so still
Just eighteen months old, so cold
We ran him inside
Lost, worrying, wondering
That hospital room, that gloom

How could I ever forget? (How could I ever forget?)
Screaming at doctors, alarmed, upset (That I was so upset)
They said to wait (Diana don't...)
They never said we were too late (You think this will help, but it won't)

But I was a child (So many years ago)
Raising a child (So much we could not know)
Those weeks full of joy, then a moment of dread
Someone simply said your child is...

How could I ever forget?
How could I ever forget?
This was the moment my life was set
That day that I lost you
It's clear as the day we met
How could I ever forget?


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