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I look up at the sky and think
About the size of this planet we live on

Even though it's small like dirt,
Everyone is standing in the center of it

I am now alone
With no one to understand
And no voice to talk to
But I am warm

I want to tell you
About the emptiness here
And the little joys
My unseen friend, my unseen friend

We will almost certainly never meet
Our words unknowable, our eyes unknown

But someday I may learn
About your God and your country

I am just alone
Though surrounded and protected
Without reason and unhappy,
I am without hunger and shame

I wonder if I can understand you
The despair that's there,
And the joy within it
My unseen friend, my unseen friend

Without hating each other,
And without killing each other,
Let's meet, my unseen friend
My still unseen friend

Someday this planet may be destroyed
When the world ends, everything
Will gradually become as one
We and everyone else
Will disappear the same way
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