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I, as beautiful as a panther,
Am dressed in a coat of darkness
And trample on the lilies of the valley
In order to approach where you are

The sweetness of the fleshy fruit in my fangs
Is a falsified dream of untied sprouts
Let's tangle them

Are you escaping or chasing after something?
You no longer know
Look at me and go deeper,
Drowning in the hellish nectar of unrest

Devilish talons and corroded bones
Make grating and reeling sounds
Is this love or is it more like hatred?
Is an answer necessary?

Aa, my captured heart is
returning to life in your fingers
that are like ice

Even if I can be tamed only by loneliness
I want the tail of a butterfly
For my alluring, beautiful ankle-chain
That connects me to door to Hades

Tracing the tip of the keyhole with my tongue
Following the path that tastes like luxurious blood
Am I hastening?

Is this an embrace or is it grudging?
I just don't know
I look at your turning arms that are
Purposely scattering roses of hell

A dirty moon on a decayed night
The waning moon is again waxing
Be it love or be it betrayal
It's the same corpse

Ah, the thing in this hand that has done it all,
If fading from those eyes,
Can be reborn any number of times

Are you escaping or chasing after something?
You no longer know
Look at me and be further captured
In burning crimson roses of hell

Do I want to live or do I want to fall?
Because you do not know yet,
From this love may come the sadness
I wish for the demise; don't you?

Aa, that heart is plundering,
Being imprisoned inside the depths of my body
As I become penetrated with light
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