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Don't Shoot the Messenger

This song is by Ali Campbell.

Don't shoot the messenger
He don't take sides
He doesn't deal on politics
That's where the devil hides
It's preach and love he's preaching
Put all doubt aside
(All the people he was reaching)
(He was filling them with pride... x2)

A strong voice of his people
And a third world superstar
Here to educate and enlighten us
And to spread his message near and far
They criticized his use of 'erb
But we didn't all agree
And he touched the hearts of people yeah
All across the seven seas

From St Annes Bay and born of Jah
How could he have known
That his truth lay in a destiny
The world would come to know
Some say he was a prophet
A mystic telling tales of strife
His message plain and simple Yeah
To live one love, one life...

Like most great men in history
The mark he left transcends
Died young while on his mission
He passed the torch onto his children
To bring his positive to the people
Preaching universal love
Crossed beliefs and many boundaries Yeah
And his legacy lives on


Written by:

Alistair Ian Campbell; Colin Albert Jacas

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