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Hey Mole

This song is by Alfie and appears on the album Do You Imagine Things? (2003).

A mole burrows into a marrow,
Sleeps all alone until tomorrow.
Who'll grant you free?
Who'll let you be?
A mole can't see,
He'll just dig deep.

"Hey Mole, hello," said the sparrow,
Is that your home, you really are a funny fellow.
Come with me,
I am so sweet.
Between your ground and my tree,
We'll be complete.

If you've ever been consoled,
You'll know what happened to this mole.
If you've ever been set free,
You know what all this means to me.

If you've never seen the sun,
And never warmed to anyone,
Dig your way out of the Earth,
Get out into the universe.

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