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Compilation by various artists.
Disc 1
  1. I Want It All by I:Scintilla
  2. Master And Servant by Krystal System
  3. Stripped by Mesmer's Eyes
  4. Blasphemous Rumours (Black Edit) by Leæther Strip
  5. Question Of Time by Kant Kino
  6. John The Revelator by Komor Kommando featuring J-L De Meyer
  7. Boys Say Go by Neikka RPM
  8. It's No Good by Acylum vs. Haushetaere
  9. Any Second Now (Voices) by Dunkelwerk
  10. Photographic by Nebula-H
  11. Sacred by Diffuzion
  12. Lie To Me by Technoir
  13. Precious by Regenerator
  14. Personal Jesus by Komor Kommando
  15. Enjoy The Silence by Star Industry
  16. New Dress by Klutæ
Disc 2
  1. Leave In Silence by Schwarzblut
  2. In Your Room by Ayria
  3. Shake The Disease (D!rty House B!tch Mix) by Seize
  4. Strangelove by Essence Of Mind
  5. Get The Balance Right by 32Crash
  6. I Feel You by Helalyn Flowers
  7. Personal Jesus by Tamtrum
  8. Rush by Inure
  9. People Are People by Virgins O.R Pigeons
  10. World In My Eyes by Plastic Noise Experience
  11. Stripped by Psy'Aviah
  12. Little 15 by Aïboforcen
  13. Never Let Me Down Again by O.V.N.I.
  14. Stories Of Old by Mind:State
  15. Nothing's Impossible by Implant
  16. Black Celebration (White Edit) by Leæther Strip

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