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Over Conscious

This song is by Alex Parks and appears on the album Introduction (2003).

Lady of the eyes, your eyes, are just melting in.
So string, smoulder into my mind and I'll do eveything I did.
Laydy of my eye, your light's just to bright for me.
So blind me, controle me, don't find me until I say.

I'd tear your heart out,
Leave you for this mess I am in.
Keep you for keeps sake, until the blow hits me,
And finally I land on my knees.

A second ago you told me to wait one more,
I'm walking away but you're with me today,
Till then.
Just show me your faith, and I'll remember the kiss that you sold me.
I paid all your pric, now I'm too scared to cry. over conscious of you.

I'll tear your heart out,
Leave me in this mess I an in.
You'd keep me for keeps sake,
Until my blow hits me.
And finally I'm back on my knees,

I'm back on my knees again. ooh ooh.
Lady of the eyes.
Lady of my eye.
Your light's just too bright.
Over conscious of you.

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