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Victor (1996)

  • As Victor
Alex Lifeson - Victor


  1. Don't Care (1995 single)
  2. Promise
  3. Start Today
  4. Mr. X
  5. At the End
  6. Sending Out a Warning
  7. Shut Up Shuttin' Up
  8. Strip and Go Naked
  9. The Big Dance
  10. Victor
  11. I Am the Spirit

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Additional information

Artist information:

  • b.1953
  • Instruments: Guitar, mandolin, synthesizers, banjo, bouzouki, bass guitar, mandola, vocals

Real name:

Alex Lifeson is a performance name for Aleksandar Živojinović.

Years active:

1968 - present

Alex Lifeson was a member of:

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Note on Victor:

  • Listed above, was Alex's side project where he played all the instruments. Elsewhere Victor has been listed as a band.

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