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This song is by Alex Harvey and appears on the album Roman Wall Blues (1969).

There used to be a woman had a ball and a chain
Tried to tie a good man down
Sayin', "wait a minute, sonny, tell me what's your name?
And why don't you stick around?"

That's fire on the mountain, run, boy, run
I'm talking about my Candy
A one way ticket, baby, here I come
She makes me feel so dandy

Tell me, tell me what to do
'Cause I want to save some money
Tell me a story, tell me a few
Let me call ya honey

I'm going to the seaside, on my way
I hope that the beach is sandy
I hope the sun comes out to play
I'm a-talkin' about my Candy

B-by by, b-by b-by by
And my hen ran out the city
Hand me down my travellin' tax
I'll soon be sittin' pretty

I'll have me a banjo on my knee
'Cause it always comes in handy
To serenade my baby doll
I'm talking about my Candy


Written by:

Alex Harvey

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