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This song is by Alerion and appears on the EP Fledgling (2007).

You know the place where eagles soar
They feel the distance, love the distance
You know the place we used to stand
Together hand in hand

In all these years I never thought
I'd dread the distance, hate the distance
You clipped my wings, oh how I long
To flee the distance, disrespect
Disappointment, disconnect
You hold me back!

I loved the man I dreamed of when I looked into your eyes
But now I know I hate the man you are
Dislocated reasons feed our discontented minds
This dissonance has long turned into warfare

So now I'm
Burning Bridges
Tearing down your towers now
Tearing pages
Burning down the ruins of our life

I fought for you, I bled for you
Rejoiced in all I said to you
Believed you, swallowed every little lie
You tore my feathers one by one
But now you're done, oh now I'm gone
This mutilated bird will learn to fly

But first I'm
Burning Bridges
Seething anger is consumed
Cleansed within the fire of my
Burning bridges
Scoured clean and burned to dust
Wreathed in shadows
I revel in the ashes of my life

The bridge is gone, the path is set
All letters sent, no words unsaid
New chance to soar, new leash on life
Come what may, I know I will survive
Come what may, I know I will survive
When all is done I know I'm still alive

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