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Next Week Sometime

This song is by Alec Johnson and appears on the split compilation album Mississippi String Bands (1928-1936) (1989) by various artists and on the compilation American Pop: An Audio History - From Minstrels to Mojo: On Record, 1893-1946 (1998).

I went out last night, I got drunk, I was in whiskey up to my head
A young lady, she walked up to me, and this is what she said
She says, "Wait a minute, brother, you're a nice little fellow and you're looking mighty fine"
She says, "While you out tonight, buying plenty corn whiskey, won't you buy me a bottle of wine?"

I told her, "Next week sometime, daughter, but not now
I never did b'lieve in buyin' whiskey for women 'fore the first of July, nohow"
I told her to give me time, let me think, then I'd tell her exactly when I'd buy that expensive drink
It'd be next week sometime, daughter, but not now

I went to see a fortune teller, just to have my fortune told
He says, "Young man, you are partly rich, you're worth a great big pot of gold"
He says, "The way you've got, get this gold, you've got to listen while I tell
You've got to go in a lonesome graveyard as the clock is striking twelve"

I got myself a pick and a shovel, I reached the graveyard, twelve that night
When I got in there, I do declare, I spied a form all dressed in white
When I spied that form all dressed in white, I got right hot and cold
This ha'nt said, "Don't be afraid, I want to help you dig your gold"

I told him, "Next week sometime, brother, but not now
I never did b'lieve in diggin' gold with a no-head man, the graveyard, nohow"
Now, me and this ha'nt run breast to breast, he says, "Look here, brother, when are you gon' rest?"
I told him, "Next week sometime, brother, but not now"

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