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This song is by Alcoholika La Christo and appears on the album Toxicnology (2001).

Black your soul - black your mind
Why you see the color of my skin
You hate my race
You fucking pig
Kiss my ass
My ass is white like your face

Show - show - show...
Show your gun

The race will fight against the fucking racist
Keep your gun and kill the fucking hostile
Don't be afraid and let me show you how to
Stop the fucking Nazi abomination
We will fight against this discrimination
I will pull - pull the fucking trigger
I'm proud to be to be Latino
You will die - die you fucking asshole

Show - show - show ...
Show your gun...


I will break you
I will kill you
I will hate you
I will crush you
Let me show you
How I fuck your
Mami and daddy
Fuck you Nazi

You breath hate, breath pain
You breath hate, breath pain

Show - show - show...
Show your gun...

Now shoot!

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