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Backward Journey

This song is by Alchemist and appears on the album Austral Alien (2003).

Observe the change
Australian's thoughts
Are rearranged
Into the past.
The populous
Is telling me
Hope you enjoy
The backward journey

Tolerance is only shown
When the dollar can be grown
We're going back to fighting wars
For our politician's cause

With saddened eyes I have observed
Acceptance fall away to dust
I'm moving backwards as I take a step forth
The winds of hate are blowing strong in my world

It all affects you and I
Next generation pays the price
All this hatred is tearing us down
As we ignore our own advice

Now we're finding as we move into the past
Who are we fooling?
Good things never last
Accept the difference, between you and I
Bring on extinction of the human kind
The is a backward journey

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