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The Tears Them All Are Made By Thee Queen Of The Seas

This song is by Alastor Sanguinary Embryo and appears on the album D.E.M.O.N. (2004).

(Music: Demonhead, Glaciabolous)
(Lyrics: Abrahkkan)

"Riding an entire ocean searching for a guilty, but the truth is beside me. Marks in my hands and neck twist me. No I can't be the one who slayed the only goddess of mine, my entire life, my source to quench my thirst. Oh no! I'm in a complicity void..."

Thy beauty, the most beautiful green emerald
Thy eyes are blue as the sky is sometimes...

Distill my eyes, struggle my mind until the silence covers us
A romantic fancy step into a world behind our eyes

Funeral mystic overture starts in the silver fields coral tombs
Crying my eyes are, desperate thorn that I strangely feel

Rouse my eyes, struggle my mind until the nightmare leaves us
A romantic fancy step into a world behind our backs

And so it's life, a set of illusions to lose
A feeling of hate releases me

Lucidity became a non-deserved gift
Courage to those men who carry my same soul

Scaring sadist terror, lying as I thought you did that day
Sorrow into violence and a woman thought you feel the end
A mourning place, dark for a journey to start and a chariot to be escorting your remains
Spilling my emotions as you fast drain your blood, scared is me, what have I done?

Scaring sadist terror, thy veins are open wide, you lied as I thought you did that day
Spilling my emotions, my veins about to explode, scared is me, I know this is the end

The beauty of the gift of the night destroying mankind
Everlasting snow is so pleasant; (it's) disturbing the ocean

Open the gift I'm giving you at this time
I know I am the one who has lost

Open a path to a way far beyond the planets I gave you
And you are allowed to carry with you a piece of my broken heart
Meanwhile, I'm stuck in the hell of my life; of my guilt. I'm losing my mind
I'm lost in the dead of the night; my god won't give a light

Now it seems I'm at the search of a light
To discover the actual sword that led you to death
Cover me up with the perfect mantle the night is for you
Guide me with the stars let me have one piece of revenge

The course to many men
Slavery of a world!

Take me beyond; offer my reigns to the lord of darkness, goddess of death
Cremation is a forbidden deed; look for the wonders, lady of the pit
Take me beyond; crater my day and make it the one I desired for years
To understand that I am the one who needs the death desperately

For the simplicity of a scalar, for the complex of the light
In the middle of the night you will die!

Take me beyond; offer my reigns to the lord of darkness, goddess of the dead
Cremation is a forbidden deed to be just taken by me
Take me you Ezzelbiel, creator of this world and some other sins
My spirit will be merged by your light and the great ancients sirs will euphorically write

The tears them all, are made by thee queen of the seas...

Thy beauty is the most beautiful green emerald
But your eyes are gray as the sky is always now...

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