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A Demon Crying For A Mortal

This song is by Alastor Sanguinary Embryo and appears on the album D.E.M.O.N. (2004).

(Music: Demonhead, Leonard)
(Lyrics: Abrahkkan)

Cursed be your nightside beauty
You engulfed me with mortal feelings
I'm no longer that precious possession

Face the crude reality, thou so wicked demon
I have made from thee the purest angel
The tears lust dancing in thy darkened eyes
What art thou weeping for? Unconceived creature

Oh sweet pain, a double edge sword strike to death
Cuts so deep, my human soul and thy heartless being

Who you think you are miserable soil creation
Defying the powers, evil ones, I've granted and showed
How can you make a Satan child suffer a hell of sadness?
If my own existence obeys to one build from your sinful souls

Even when this sore keeps bleeding me
Your eyes will cry my own tears
Till the point of remorse or regret
Till the point you begin being me

Come to me! Slave
Come to me! Dead

I've killed thee once but now's when thou live so come to me
Please understand I've opened thy eyes to light

I know thy desire, conducted by pain
From the sins of my father I carry and learned
To be free as a mortal who knows this will end
At the time this won't stop and fade you away

Thou had to learn by the trail of the fire
Extinguished by tears thou never believed
Just behold the blood spilt from my vitality
It is poison that drowns thee so let it be

Don't you see I am the one who carries the lie?
I have no feelings I can't be crying
The only pain I want to discover is yours
You'll pay with tears of blood what you have done

Don't you see I am the one who lost the desire?
Lost in this maze of torment and rage
I am not meant to suffer the paths of my own god

But you know you'll come with me
To the depths of a hell you created

Now I can see its only time to heal some scars
But when the purest evil flies it's hard to comprehend
How could it be that I, an entity of my nature
Laid down on my knees at the need of love

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