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Anus (2015)

Alaska Thunderfuck - Anus


  1. Hieeee
  2. Anus
  3. Pussy
  4. Beard
  5. This Is My Hair
  6. Nails (Piano Introduction) (featuring Jeremy Mark Mikush)
  7. Nails
  8. Gimme All Your Money (featuring Laganja Estranja)
  9. Everything Tonight
  10. Best Night Ever
  11. The Shade of It All (featuring Courtney Act and Willam)
  12. Legendary
  13. Killer
  14. Your Makeup Is Terrible

Poundcake (2016)

Alaska Thunderfuck - Poundcake


  1. The T (featuring Adore Delano)
  2. Let's Do Drag (featuring Lady Red Couture)
  3. Slaytina
  4. Stun (featuring Gia Gunn)
  5. Puppet
  6. "O, Brasil..."
  7. Come to Brazil
  8. Diamond in the Rough
  9. High
  10. Chicken (featuring Miss Fame)
  11. Race Chaser
  12. I Invented That (featuring Jackie Beat)
  13. It Is What It Is (featuring Nick Laughlin and Jeremy Mark Mikush)


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Other Songs

  1. Christmas Sweater
  2. Everyday Is Christmas

Additional information

Artist information:

  • Born: 1985

Real name:

Alaska Thunderfuck is a performance name for Justin Andrew Honard.

Years active:

  • 2013-present

Alaska Thunderfuck is a member of:


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