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As I Came in by Huntly Town

This song is by Alasdair Roberts and appears on the album The Crook of My Arm (2001).

As I came in by Huntly Town
One morning for to feed
I met with Bogey of Lenny
And with him I did agree
To bide his two best horses
The harrow and the plough
And do anything about the farm
That I very well should know

Now Bogey had a daughter dear
Her name was Isabel
And she was the fairest in the vale
And I'm sure I loved her well
And when she went a-walking
She took me as her guide
Down by the banks of the Lenny
To watch the small fishes glide

And I put my arm all around her waist
And her feet from her did slide
It's there she took her will of me
At Lenny waterside
And she swore she'd never tell of me
And the wild birds wouldn't tell
Of my lily of the valley
My red rose in the dell

And now when nine months were gone and past
This lassy lost her bloom
The red fell from her rosy cheeks
And her eyes began to swoon
It was just before the harvest time
When Bogey sent for me
And he said, his face as black as night
It's you I wish to see

And if what my daughter says is true
We no longer shall agree
And it's down the road you'll go right now
And not a penny of your fee.
Well said I, my man you're fairly right
And I hung my head in shame
But I'll marry her tomorrow morn
And I'll give to her my name.
So I took my young son in my arms
And joy to him I'll bring
And maybe he'll mean as much to me
As the girl that I adore

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