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What Do We Want

This song is by Alabaster dePlume and appears on the album The Corner of a Sphere (2018).

What do we do
With the men and women
Who don't fit in
How do we forget them if
Even the sea says
What do we do with humanity writhing
Tied to Earth like a
Fly held by the wing
A dance that smashes limbs
A desperate lump of living
We can't keep it here
We can't eat it, can we
What can we do
It'll have to go if it can't get on

Ground hard into greed's grimace
By the dark wishes of lost or distracted loves
The deficit after subtraction of
Exaggerated reactions
Miscalculated once and
Magnified by time
Told by stones that
Stand on bones
Crushed to dust
Give it to us

Give us what?

A paper slice of peace to set alight?
Give us what?

At the top of the clouds of having,
Over the moon and
Stars and
After and beyond, then
Give us what?
What are we trying to have?

Is the sun a celestial disco ball?
Give us what?
Is the naked fall's embrace the
Blanket of our wasted
Souls, give us what?

Frowning till the
Clouds surround the voice,
"Dawn is smothered"
What do we want
If we don't want one-another?

Chips and oxygen?

Countless fortunes in fodder passed my lips,
I've tried!
What do I get if I can't get

A cursory kindness recognised and I
Call the man my brother,
I mean,
What do we want,
If we don't want one-another?

I ask the glass,
I ask the day, the moon,
It doesn't shudder

Tell me again about
Blowing them out
Of the sea

What do they cost, and
What have we got, and
What does it mean for

Do what you can, but a
Heart is a heart, and a
Man is a man, and anyway
I haven't any better way
Than what you see
I'm here to learn
Don't be shy
Tell me why, and
Tell me,
Tell me what we're trying
To achieve

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