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This song is by Akwid.

Even though you don't want me, I will wait for you
And I know this is your world, you're gonna do what you wanna do
Just because the things I did I'm always put to shame
So if you let me in your world I promise I will change

There's no doubt, no question, on what you been doing for years
Corrupt both of our worlds, now you livin' in tears
Cried you my only one, look me dead in the eye
What a fool to believe, girl, for you I would die
Thought I found my one and only girl
To share my life and share my world
Second guessing on myself, never cross the line
Never once doubtn' you try to play my mind
The best things always comes in twos
But after this one time I couldn't stick around 'cause of the wicked way you choose
Though you were my baby boo
The time came around to represent on what a man had to do
Swirvin', weavin', hit the intersection
Fuck all the drama never shoulda had to mention
But just in case you wanna really take a swirl
Don't trust nobody when it comes to my world

For just once I got a hold of my world
There's no more drama no more sad or slow songs about no girl
I shifted out a foo and hit the breaks quick
Thinking, "Damn I coulda been there with this chick"
It's crazy, girlfriend didn't care what vatos think
She sucked, she was getting down with Anthony and fucked him for his chick
Life was nothing but an all-day party she was livin'
And I couldn't get up in it, and if I did guess what
Then I'd be like the next man found
And when I'm finding out they're pounding on your back
And its still the same, but you claim things changed
Tryna blame me for your games, Please!
It's all cool baby it's nobody's fault but mine
For goin' on a ride on cloud nine
I coulda gave you my whole world then
But I'd probably be sharing it with them

Nobody's gonna shape my world &
Nobody's gonna make my world &
Nobody's gonna break my world &
Nobody's gonna take my world (repeat)

The truth lies in the soul not to save the least
There's no one to blame 'cause the pain is in the nature of the beast
You know right from wrong, so stop holding on
Look on the bright side, you're fortunate to be in my song
There's no exception, don't question what I believe
It's all good, till you tangled up the web we weave
With our heart and soul and a mind of gold
There will never be another like you in my world
You still lookin' at me sideways, why? 'Cause I just sang my sad song
And you still can't believe I'm gone
But you know I really understand, it's hard to swallow what I said
When I think about the lies you fed
And it ain't all bad, it's actually all good
Knowing that I did what I could, for real!
You shouldn't let it get you down or blue
Think, I'm dedicating this song to you

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