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This song is by Akinyele and appears on the album Vagina Diner (1993).

* Heavy breathing *
Check this out man
All this gym shit
Runnin' around for a scholarship
Ain't even my style man
I don't even know what the fuck I'm doin' in this shit
Bout to get the FUCK up out of this shit
Ain't even with this

Me play sports? Don't place your bet
I'm not the type of guy to run up and down and break out in a sweat
I just make the words sound hip
I leave it up to Jane Fonda, to take care of that physical fit shit
Nothin' wrong with bein overWEIGHT, everything STRAIGHT
So long as my pockets stay in SHAPE
I never participated in gym
I hated the thought, to even have to take a loss to begin
They say health brings you longevity
But I'm not one for that extra-curriculum activity
You might see the Ak, with a baseball hat
Won't see me on no field with no baseball bat
In case some nigga head, got to get cracked
Other than that, I don't plan to run track
Picture me joggin for miles... HAH!
Come on kid, that's just not my style
I just talk to girls on the horn
You won't see the Ak upstairs, puttin' no butter on his corns
Another athlete bites the dust
Another nigga from Egypt, make Egyptian Musk
Picture me wearin Pro Keds, runnin' the full court
Don't jump out your basket-ass head
I just cool around the block and hold down the fort
Straight up and down nigga, I'm not a good sport

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