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This song is by Airiel Down and appears on the album Vision (2006).

PJ, yes Chet, this is a ski only mountain, we don't have to worry about those crazy snowboarders, indubidably Chet

Guitar riff (spoken - You kids can't skate here! - I was just gliding down the mountain, and this snowboarder CUT ME OFF! - Motor cross is not a sport and it pollutes the environment. - your mini-van pollutes the environment lady.)

Are you ready for a revolution?

Ah, Lets go!

Ain't life grand? I think it's so.

But these pricks on sticks have got to go.

I've seen 'em smirk and I've heard 'em say,

"All these snowboarders get in my way."

Still, it snowed last night and I'm so stoked.

Let's go for air, let's go for broke.

It fills my soul it's spiritual.

Collect my friends for a ritual. LET'S GO!

I love it man!

You wouldn't understand.

Stand up straight it's time to ride.

I can't control these butterflies.

Who was it said that life's a bitch?

Just watch me as I drop in switch.

Inverted now, it ain't so bad,

It's the best time I've ever had.

I'm 30 feet into the air,

But I don't know how to get down from here! OH NO!

Look Ma! No hands!

I hope you understand.

All I hear is "you're so rude!"

And I say, "what's the problem dude?

I didn't mean to cut you off,

But you were in my line jack-off!"

And what's with all this hate?

I know why you're so mad.

Cause you two-plank wanks got us to thank,

And now you realize that! OH Yeah!

Fuck off man!

You'll never understand . (repeat)

Don't hate, appreciate. (repeat)

Ciao baby, Rock and Roll

But seriously folks.

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