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Sex Born Poison

This song is by Air and appears on the album 10,000Hz Legend (2001).

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Shoot, use your gun of life
I'm not afraid to die
In your arms

Shoot, use your gun of life
Keep on watching me
Poison me

目覚めさす (mezamesasu)
Prince from the biomass
愛欲の波に泳ぐ (aiyoku no nami ni oyogu)

叶えよう (kanaeyou)
滅びなき愛 (horobinaki ai)
でも今は時間が無い (demo ima wa jikan ga nai)

欲望の sensor (yokubou no sensor)
交わす愛の juice (kawasu ai no juice)
導火線に火をともす (doukasen ni hi wo tomosu)

走れ非常口へ (hashire hijouguchi he)
冷却 system on (reikyaku system on)
届かざる七番目の空 (todokazaru nanabannme no sora)

Who dares to wake me?
Prince from the biomass
Swimming in the waves of your intimacy

I'm able to offer
My love for centuries
But I have no time right now

Meet my desire sensors
My atom juice of joy
You want to fuse my affective circuits

Run to the fire exit
Use your cooling system
You'll never reach the seventh sky today

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