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Compilation by various artists.
Disc 1
  1. Labor Blues by Tom Dickson
  2. No Dough Blues by Blind Blake
  3. Down and Out Blues by Scrapper Blackwell
  4. Starvation Blues by Big Bill Broonzy
  5. Bad Time Blues by Barbecue Bob
  6. Miss Meal Cramp Blues by Alec Johnson
  7. Shelby County Workhouse Blues by Hambone Willie Newbern
  8. We Sure Got Hard Times by Barbecue Bob
  9. Levee Camp Man Blues by Gene Campbell
  10. Hard Times on Me Blues by Andy Chatman
  11. Tough Times Blues by Charley Jordan
  12. Northern Starvers Are Returning Home by "Papa" Charlie McCoy & Bo Carter
  13. Hard Times Done Drove Me to Drink by Leroy Carr
  14. Starvation Blues by Charley Jordan
  15. Hard Time Blues by Charlie Spand
  16. Chain Gang Bound by Bumble Bee Slim
  17. Days of the Weeks Blues by Charley Jordan
  18. Times Has Done Got So Hard by King Solomon Hill
  19. Hard Time Blues by Carrie Edwards
  20. The Depression Blues by Leroy Carr
  21. Turpentine Blues by Tampa Red
  22. Hard Time Blues by Scrapper Blackwell
  23. DeKalb Chain Gang by Fred McMullen
  24. Hard Time Blues by Buddy Moss
  25. Red Cross Blues by Walter Roland
Disc 2
  1. Red Cross Man by Lucille Bogan
  2. Coal Mountain Blues by Sonny Scott
  3. Red Cross Blues No. 2 by Walter Roland
  4. It's Hard Time by Joe Stone
  5. R.F.C. Blues by Jack Kelly
  6. Red Cross Blues by Walter Davis
  7. Sales Tax by Mississippi Sheiks
  8. Welfare Blues by Josh White
  9. C.W.A. Blues by Walter Roland
  10. Starvation Farm Blues by Bob Campbell
  11. Charity Blues by Papa Charlie McCoy
  12. Sylvester and His Mule Blues by Memphis Minnie
  13. Providence Help the Poor People by Big Joe Williams
  14. Meat and Bread Blues (Relief Blues) by Teddy Darby
  15. Hard Time Blues by Lane Hardin
  16. Let's Have a Good Deal by Carl Martin
  17. Bonus Blues by Joe Pullum
  18. W.P.A. Blues by Casey Bill Weldon
  19. When I Get My Bonus (Things Will Be Coming My Way) by Peetie Wheatstraw
  20. When I Get My Money by Bumble Bee Slim
  21. I'm Gonna Have My Fun by Carl Martin
  22. Jungle Man Blues by Peetie Wheatstraw
  23. When the Soldiers Get Their Bonus by Red Nelson
  24. W.P.A. Blues by Big Bill Broonzy
  25. Don't Take Away My P.W.A. by Jimmie Gordon
Disc 3
  1. Hobo Jungle Blues by Bumble Bee Slim
  2. New Red Cross Blues by Frank "Springback" James
  3. Working for the P.W.A. by Black Ivory King
  4. Government Money by Sleepy John Estes
  5. Working on the Project by Peetie Wheatstraw
  6. Hobo Jungle Blues by Sleepy John Estes
  7. Hard Times Ain't Gone No Where by Lonnie Johnson
  8. I Have Spent My Bonus by Robert Nighthawk
  9. Relief Blues by Red Nelson
  10. Unemployment Stomp by Big Bill Broonzy
  11. 304 Blues by Peetie Wheatstraw
  12. Old Bachelor Blues by Son Bonds
  13. Welfare Blues by Calvin Frazier
  14. Back in My Cell Again by George Curry
  15. Welfare Blues by Speckled Red
  16. CCC Blues by Washboard Sam
  17. Welfare Blues by Sampson Pittman
  18. '29 Blues by Alfred Fields
  19. Charity Blues by Gene Gilmore
  20. Four-O-Three Blues by Lonnie Johnson
  21. Warehouse Man Blues by Champion Jack Dupree
  22. Nothing in Rambling by Memphis Minnie
  23. Hobo Blues by Yank Rachell
  24. Stamp Blues by Tony Hollins
  25. Hard Times Is on Me by Ollie Shepard
Disc 4
  1. Keep Straight Blues by Guitar Slim And Jelly Belly
  2. Red Cross Store Blues by Sonny Terry & Brownie McGhee
  3. Working Man Blues by Guitar Slim And Jelly Belly
  4. Post-War Future Blues by Cousin Joe
  5. Shipyard Woman by Jim Wynn
  6. Living in a Different World by Roosevelt Sykes
  7. Reconversion Blues by Ivory Joe Hunter
  8. Sunny Road by Roosevelt Sykes
  9. Bonus Pay by Eddie "Cleanhead" Vinson
  10. Luxury Tax Blues by Eddie "Cleanhead" Vinson
  11. Unemployment Blues by Smokey Hogg
  12. Hard Times by Smokey Hogg
  13. Stockyard Blues by Floyd Jones
  14. High Cost Low Pay Blues by Ivory Joe Hunter
  15. Homeless Blues by Willie "Long Time" Smith
  16. Inflation Blues by Jack McVea
  17. Strike Blues by L.C. Williams
  18. Strike Blues by John Lee Hooker
  19. Cotton Picking Blues by Big Mama Thornton
  20. Ain't Times Hard by Floyd Jones
  21. Tough Times by John Brim
  22. Depression Blues by Clarence "Gatemouth" Brown
  23. The Panic's On by Jimmy McCracklin
  24. Things Are So Slow by J.B. Hutto
  25. Eisenhower Blues by J.B. Lenoir

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