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Shut Me Out

This song is by Aidan Hawken and appears on the movie soundtrack Good Luck Chuck (2007) and on the album The Sleep Of Trees (2008).

If I could start all over with you again
I'd change the way the story ends
I'd try my best to help you along
If ever there's anything wrong
But I know you gotta be moving on

Baby it's gonna be fine if you have to go
And I always wish you well you know
It's time for you to do everything
You always wanted to do
So I'll see you when you make it through

I couldn't do anything right
I was so far away and you shut me outside

God I wish I was sleeping with you tonight
We could listen to the rain outside
I'd tell you a story sing you a song
Promise you nothing is wrong
But I know you gotta be moving on

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