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If Something's Wrong

This song is by Aidan Hawken and appears on the album The Sleep Of Trees (2008).

Are those tears
That you're crying
Tell me if there's something wrong
I know that
We've been through it
But just look at far that we've come
Did I tell you
What I see in you
You're rising like the shining sun
It's okay
I'll forgive you
Just tell me what it is that you've done

I'll love you for what ever you've done

I feel like
I'm changing
I'm telling you there's something wrong
I'm so scared that
You won't love me
If I tell you all the things that I've done
My heart feels
Like it's falling
Or it's sinking like the setting sun
I can't stand that
I might lose you
Will you love me for whoever I become

Love me for whatever I become

I will wipe those
Weeping eyes
If you tell me that there's something wrong
I won't laugh at you
Won't be mad at you
Just look at far we've come
I believe that
We'll get through this
And rise like the shining sun
I'll forgive you
And I'll trust you
And I'll love you for whatever you've done

Love you for whatever you've done

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