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This song is by Aidan Hawken and appears on the album The Sleep Of Trees (2008).

What's wrong Angel
Did I say something hurtful to you
It seems I always have some
Stupid point I gotta prove
I tried listening
To everyone else
It only makes it harder
When they're just trying to help

We spoke and you said
There is only one way
Only one way
Angel I can't complain
Now everything's the same
Now that everything's the same
With me

Angel watches
As I cross the street
Down to the bar
Where I empty my pockets and
I cover my scars
I'm not touched by the sun anymore
Wish I could tell all my friends
I love them so much

You don't decide
What's wrong and what's right
What's wrong and what's right
Angel I can't explain
Now that nothing is the same
Now that nothing is the same
With me

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