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This song is by Agot Isidro and appears on the compilation album The Best Of Agot Isidro (1996) and on the compilation album Silver Series (2006).

Got a letter in the mail today
And I'm glad you're doing fine
U tell me your missing me
And its cold in new york city
Well me and the girls were all right
Thinking about you night after night
And if you feel the same way too
Just imagine me whispering to you

Everyday ill always love you
Everyday I'm always thinking of you
Everyday's another lonely day without you
Everyday you're here beside me
Everyday I'm always dreaming of you
Everyday I will be right here waiting for you
Everyday... hoo

It's another long and sleepless night
ANd thoughts run through my mind
Guess I'm just feeling lonely
It's been so empty since you've been gone

I'll be holding on for it won't be long
I'll be counting the days till I see you home
I know you feel the way I do
So Just remember these words ill say to you

Everyday... everyday

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