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This song is by Agents Of Chaos.

My father come to America

'Pon a boat in 1950

From the island of brava

From cabo verde

Wid 'I'm father and him sister

And him two older brothers

They sail straight into the arms

Of their mother

She was working hard you see

Down in na factory

She try to save her family

From a life of poverty

She go to work

Each and every day

Into the piggy bank she

Put all her pay away

The rumor has it

Or the story I've been told

Is that my father met my mother

When he was six years old

Him mussa just step off

The mighty ernistina

Jah bless him eyes

Turn 'I'm head and him seen her

She looking pretty sharp (and she)

She looking pretty sweet

She turn her head to him

And to him she did repeat

For this here competition

For this here contest

I don't mess with rude boys

I only get wid the best

Look how me cool

Look how me clean

Look how me nice up the scene

Look how me rule with the love supreme

And nuf people now a day

Dem don' know what to say

Dem dis rasta to devil them pray

Me say look no further

Than you need find

The humble secret of success

Fe all mankind

Me say now look no further

Than you need find

Original holy sacrament

Fe all mankind

She could have left the man

Standing on the alter

Could let love fall

Let love a falter

She could have left and never

Start na family

Never be boy one or two now you see

So listen up we got a little information for ya

If you don't like what you're hearing

I dare you change the channel

You think you're pretty tough

Try play the thug

Come we're gonna sweep ya

Underneath the rug

1, 2, 3

3 strike you're out

You're lookin' pretty funny

With a boot out your mouth

You better run you better hide

Step out to the other side

You better run out of providence right

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