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Force From Within

This song is by Against The Plagues and appears on the album The Architecture Of Oppression (2007).

Here inside acid entity

Here inside acid entity
Burning pain, raging anger
Tearing me hate tangled with grief
When my weakness howls

Rain on me! Flood my sorrow's den!
Set me free from misery!
Swerve my sight from this horror!
I must take a new breath

"Take this lie, share out for all!"
And our tribe suffers
That crawling rot disables sincere will
A calculated plot of our life
This is an assay how I trust my self

Strengthen myself
And revive the powers so oppressed
In my struggle finding true will
Can I resist this drift to follow them again?
Feeling their doctrines run
Through channels of my head
"Think our way!", "Live our way!, "We decide!", "You obey!"
I refuse, never concede!
Insight before me - self-reliance course
These are survival codes life's turning on

Free power
Waste that planted sentence
|"Worth dying for"
Free power
Running alive, inside the fire wild

< Rep. chorus >

And this is how I ride the entire wave of life
I am the king of myself
And breed own fate to be
"Be a clone" -
Is the way blinded kind showed me
And the way I find is in depth of my self

Waken and inspire my zest to live
Secrets of euphoria unfold
Escaping a meaningless form of existence
I depart from the filth

I have the courage to bring forth change
Power to the control weakness' strains
Confronting the visage of degenerations
I devise better world

Misled herd crave in ecstasy
Mirrored clones - slaves of systems
Formed to serve - fools ruled with their greed

And my insight grows
They can't tell, what they cannot see
Frozen dreams razed by doctrines
Closed their eyes on this journey
And my wisdom flows

Sense and hope from this waste I pan
Trust my soul, fuse with virtue
Brave it all, stand, strengthened by will
I disdain the old waste

When I go graced by greater aims
Clean my thoughts, tear my fears
Grow with strength as true being
I embrace a new world

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