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It's High Fashion

This song is by After the Fire and appears on the album 80-F (1980).

It's high fashion, first they sell you a lie
And let you think if you try perhaps they'll let you find it
It's high fashion, like tomorrow I say
Forever one day away, you'll always be behind it

They show us pictures in a glamour book
And say that next year this is how we will look
I think it's time we got ourselves of their hook

It's high fashion, I'm the face of the week
Someone to smile but not speak, this is a silent feature
It's high fashion, who's that face of the year
No-one who comes from round here, they build a special creature

Then everyone must try and look like their fake
With help from buying all the products they make
That way they get the biggest slice of the cake

Just at the point when all your money is spent
On trying to keep up with the latest of trends
They go and change 'round all the fashions again

It's high fashion, but it's all back to front
They've got us just where they want, that's why we pay their prices
It's high fashion - they know if it was gone
We would all suffer from an identity crisis

And when I told them that I thought it a shame
To have to pay so much for looking the same
They laughed and said it's really only a game - ho ho ho!

If they think that they can sell it - they will


Written by:

Andy Piercy, John Russell, and Peter Banks

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