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Colt 45

This song is by Afroman and appears on the album Afroholic...The Even Better Times (2004).

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Hey, play that beat over, man
Right on
Make me feel all right
My name is, Jeffrey

Colt 45, baby
Colt 45, baby, hey
I love you baby

It's 'fro 20 and I got to drive
Through my neighborhood for some Colt 45
Huddle up, hustle up, liquor store breathin'
Move quickly, everybody beefin'
Colt 45, two Zig Zags
Two car loads, expiring tags
Liquor store empty, get away parkin'
Just in case bullets start barkin' (bhoa!)

Flirt with the fine hoes
Crack jokes with the winos
I know where Colt 45 is at
In and out like that 20 seconds flat
Money on the counter, by Miss Wong
I can get shot if I take too long
Right around the corner through the park
Before the sheriff swim up like a shark (wheoaaaau!)

Close the gate, hop out the car
Start back selling my caviar
Wassup, my plastic cup, my stereo all right

Colt 45, baby
Colt 45 (after dark, smoke that tumbleweed)
Colt 45
Colt 45 (oh, baby)

Rough expression on my face
Why do I like that nasty taste?
Maybe it's because I like the buzz
Don't care who you is or who you was
I cruise the avenue
When smokin' weed and havin' brew
Let all four my windows down
Pound the ground with my OG sound

Got warrants, it ain't fun
Getting handcuffed on a liquor store run
Pretty women everywhere
Brother can't help but stop and stare
Eyes, lips, teeth, hair
Breasts, thighs, derrière

If she do or don't reply
I still feel good that she walked by

Colt 45
Colt 45, yeah
Colt 45 (I love you, baby)
Colt 45 (oh, baby)

Colt 45 (works every time)
Colt 45

Remember that night
I've seen you, dawg
Drunk as hell
Ain't seen your 'fro
Hug my neck
Shake my hand
Smoke that blunt with Afroman
Hit that bong
Play my song
Put it on repeat all night long
Platinum overseas
Gold in the states
I got a new album with LA tour dates

Got my own label
Mister Mixx on the turntable
Daryl Havard, Octopus Prime
Play two different instruments at the same time
Jody Lone
That's my drummer
Sure, we'll be on tour this summer
Talkin' jive
Playin' live
Sponsored by

Colt 45, baby
Colt 45 (I love you, honey)
Colt 45 (Colt 45)
Colt 45, yeah

Colt 45 (Colt 45)
Colt 45 (after dark, smoke that tumbleweed)
Colt 45, baby
Colt 45 (I love you, honey)

Billy D. Williams is old
I got a new Billy D. Williams
You know what they call him? (What they call him man?)
They call him
Afroman [repeat]

(Verse 5; the word "Afroman" repeats throughout this verse)

(Say what?)
(Turn it up)
(Right on, come on)

Walk with a limp (one time)
Get searched by the police, Colt 45
Buzzin' like a bumblebee
Don't want nobody to worry me
(Gettin' on my nerves)

I wanna get tipsy
Travel like a gypsy [x2]

Now cars and houses I may not own
But I'm a bad motherfucker on the microphone
I drink it all day
I drink it all night
Don't worry 'bout me baby
I'ma be all right

(Outro; the word "Afroman" repeats to end)
Buzzin' like a bumblebee
Don't want nobody to worry me
(Gettin' on my nerves)

Travel like a gipsy [x2]

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