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Album by Affinity.
  1. I Am and So Are You
  2. Night Flight
  3. I Wonder If I'll Care as Much
  4. Mr. Joy
  5. Three Sisters
  6. Coconut Grove
  7. All Along the Watchtower
Bonus tracks on Repertoire and Akarma CD reissues:
  1. Eli's Coming
  2. United States of Mind



  • Linda Hoyle: vocals
  • Lynton Naiff: organ, piano, electric piano, harpsichord, and vibraphone
  • Mike Jopp: electric, acoustic and 12-string guitars
  • Mo Foster: electric and double bass
  • Grant Serpell: drums and percussion
  • Brass arrangement on "I Am and So Are You" and string arrangement on "I Wonder If I'll Care as Much" by John Paul Jones
  • Brass arrangement on "Three Sisters" by Chris Hughes

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