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This song is by Aesthetic Perfection and appears on the album Close To Human (2005).

Song of the Day
October 29, 2014
It's just a question of time before I forget
Who you are and what it was to me
I can't pretend to understand a thing
What if it all comes back?
It's not what was expected
But there's no reason to keep holding on
I feel contempt, I feel regret
And now I see that nothing's changed

I'm breaking down and it's because of you
I question why I made this sacrifice
Everything I do is not enough for you
I wonder, why do I feel this way?

Fighting against air, fighting against time
I don't know where I'm headed anymore
My blind progression leaves no impression
Of the life I used to know
Everything that was familiar
Is now reduced to a pile of dust
Memories have aged, many lives have changed
So now it's time for me to do the same


Written by:

Daniel Graves

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