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This song is by Aerosmith and appears on the album Get Your Wings (1974) and on the compilation album Box of Fire (1994).

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Spaced in time, child of nine
Two and twenty years on the way
Fire and steel, earth unreal
Find another planet to stay
Papa died, ma survived
Tellin' me about her ordeal
And the soul she could not feel
'Cause they made her so unreal

Lightnin' years disappears
Twenty million years on my brain
Synthesize overrides
Tryin' to keep from goin' insane
And my soul I can not feel
'Cause they made me so unreal, yeah yeah

Spaced enough to know I feel there's nothin' out there
Spaced enough to know I feel I really don't care
Spaced enough to feel I'm really losin' my mind

And I'm never, never, never, never, ever goin' back
I'm off the track, no one even knows I'm alive
Spaced without a trace
Waitin' for a word to arrive
I'm the last man to survive


Written by:


  • Steven Tyler: Lead vocals, acoustic guitar, piano, harmonica, percussion
  • Joe Perry: Lead, slide, acoustic and 12-string guitars, backing vocals
  • Brad Whitford Wikipedia16: Rhythm guitars
  • Tom Hamilton Wikipedia16: Bass
  • Joey Kramer Wikipedia16: Drums, percussion, backing vocals

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Ray Colcord on keyboards

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