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|Cover = Aerosmith - O, Yeah! The Ultimate Aerosmith Hits.jpg
|Cover = Aerosmith - O, Yeah! The Ultimate Aerosmith Hits.jpg
|Wikipedia = O, Yeah! Ultimate Aerosmith Hits
|Wikipedia = O, Yeah! Ultimate Aerosmith Hits
|star = Green
|star = Bronze

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Disc 1

  1. Mama Kin (Aerosmith)
  2. Dream On (Aerosmith)
  3. Same Old Song and Dance (Get Your Wings)
  4. Seasons Of Wither (Get Your Wings)
  5. Walk This Way (Toys In The Attic)
  6. Big Ten Inch Record (Toys In The Attic)
  7. Sweet Emotion (Toys In The Attic)
  8. Last Child (Rocks)
  9. Back In The Saddle (Rocks)
  10. Draw The Line (Draw The Line)
  11. Dude (Looks Like a Lady) (Permanent Vacation)
  12. Angel (Permanent Vacation)
  13. Rag Doll (Permanent Vacation)
  14. Janie's Got a Gun (Pump)
  15. Love in an Elevator (Pump)
  16. What it Takes (Pump)

Disc 2

  1. The Other Side (Pump)
  2. Livin' on the Edge (Get a Grip)
  3. Cryin' (Get a Grip)
  4. Amazing (Get a Grip)
  5. Deuces Are Wild (Big Ones)
  6. Crazy (Get a Grip)
  7. Falling in Love (Is Hard on the Knees) (Nine Lives)
  8. Pink (Remix, original on Nine Lives)
  9. I Don't Want To Miss A Thing (Armageddon Soundtrack)
  10. Jaded (Just Push Play)
  11. Just Push Play (radio mix from Just Push Play)
  12. Walk This Way (w/Run DMC) (Young Lust)
  13. Girls of Summer (New track)
  14. Lay It Down (New track)
  15. Come Together [*] (Greatest Hits)
  16. Spiderman Theme [*] (Cover)
  17. Toys in the Attic [*] (Toys in the Attic)
  • bonus tracks, only on some pressings

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