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Kiss Your Past Good-Bye

This song is by Aerosmith and appears on the album Nine Lives (1997).

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Finders keepers, losers weep
Down on 42nd Street
Aw barefoot children cryin', my-oh-my

I watched you on the Avenue
While other men were havin' you
I think that you should let your caged bird fly

And kiss your past goodbye
Kiss your past goodbye, yeah
Kiss your past goodbye, yayah
Kiss your past goodbye

I've been so lost I must confess
I had my share of loneliness
But yeah, it's hard to keep a good man down

The loves you lost were all in vain
The past is all inside your brain
I don't think you need those memories hangin' round

Yeah goodbye
A-Kiss your past goodbye
You gotta learn to fly
And kiss your past goodbye
Yeah, yeah yeah

Aaaaaaaaa Kiss your past goodbye
Ooh Kiss your past goodbye

And if that bird don't fly away
There's just one thing I've got to say.

Its later than a deuce a ticks
Your broken heart on needs a fix
Your feedin' off a high that will not last

N people they don't seem to care
And sorry just don't cut it, yeah
It seems to me your gettin' nowhere fast

So Kiss... your... past...
Or kiss your ass goodbye
Kiss your past goodbye
Thers no more tears to cry, yeah
Kiss your past goodbye
Kiss your past goodbye or
Kiss your ass goodbyeaaaaaaaaaaah

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