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Iridescent Fear

This song is by Aeons Ov Frost and appears on the album Iridescent Fear (2005).

When night should eat myself
Our pride is to feed blood ov someone else
Great night was pierced by darkness
When we became an echo ov shadow
You can't leave this place alive \ Your soul is intoxicated

Scarlet eyes are no longer shine - dusk, dun, darkness…
Light demolishable skin - shade, ghost, absence…
Electrical blood streams - thirst, lust, insanity…
Daymare kingdom ov iridescent fear!

Their mouths are full ov crows.

Our hope is your bloody bodies \ We are waiting for the moonrise
Fylfot ov red sunspot - A skull in crown ov flesh
We love twilight and nightmare \ We hate your pool ov life

Their wings are made of claws

Liquid eyes scream with stars.
Suffering and never see the dawn.

My shadow will fall, Night should be overtaken with black aureole
Nothing will embrace us all

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