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Aeon Noctis

This song is by Aeon Noctis and appears on the album ...As Times Of Eclipse Come (2004).

Feel the path of fragrant night
Elemental power, ancient might -
Let the fire pass through your mind

Cast aside your sorrow and fear
Just be free, as new dawn is near
Hear the magic rites

Darkness sweetly caresses you
Only the strong ones will get through
The sorcery veil

Come to the bonfire, strip and dance
Hail to the endless Aeon of night
Unleash your daemons, use their might
It's not death, it's Aeon of night
Abandon tears and weak pale light
And welcome dew-scented Aeon of night
Now I see your dark, vague silhouette
Drowning in the Aeon of night

" I am deprived of my pain
And I shall never become me again."

Oh, sweet Darkness, I'm your part
Lead me to your truth
All I've lived (out) of
Lost importance
I am free
Released at last
With all my hopes far back
I spread my wings
So leave aside
Your tearful weep
And into dark horizons
Fly with me

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