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Souls - Spriaznené Duše

This song is by Aeneas and appears on the album Forever - Demo (1997).

He visited us and tried to take your soul, Your
Mind fell, I wanted to help you,
To fly away! I silently looked at you...
... To fairy tale...
I took your hand and we flew without fear!
But I few nights ago, He visited me
He just laughed and laughed at me,
I was in a fear,
I longed to run and fly with you away!
I still heard his laughing...!
But you wrote to my soul:
"No fear, I'm here with you, and I love you...
... Do you believe me?"
Oh, yes, I believed you, now I know,
I love you, only you!
Hey fear, Hey evil, Hey you!
We have power to kill you!

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