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Love Of My Life (Sin)

This song is by Aeneas and appears on the album Confession - Demo (1996).

I'm your drink, I'm your food, I'm your
Beatiful titbit which you
Want incessantly
Many people want me, Many, many people need me!
Shut up! You bastard, you want my death.
Shut up! You bastard, you must de dead.
You're my big misfortune, you're my big misfortune!
More and more give yourself, more and more you need me
More and more you must have. More and more
I'm your disease you must die
You're my death I'll never die
I'm your love, I'm your sin, we'll be together, I'm your dream
Many, many people want me 'cause, Many, many people
Need me! I already want nothing, I want only one, I won't be
Your fun, I promise you your death, I promise you your death

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