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This song is by Advance Base and appears on the album Nephew in the Wild (2015).

Your dad was seventeen
& dumb as a drum machine
A star & a goat
On a chain at his throat
Sold acid & mescaline
But even when he was clean
He still had the smell of weed in his coat

You were named after a fake I.D
Smaller than you should be
With eyes just as black as the sea

Your mom was sixteen
& sweeter than saccharine
Always said her prayers
Unless he was there
She worked at Dairy Queen
& no matter how she cleaned
She still had the smell of death in her hair

You were born into a world of sin
You are the devil's kin
The sign of the beast on your skin

You have come to fulfill a prophecy
To level humanity
& burn everything that you see


Written by:

Owen Ashworth

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