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Dolores & Kimberly

This song is by Advance Base and appears on the album Animal Companionship (2018).

I came to Indiana
When I was 32
I didn't know anyone but you
I got off of the bus
With the one bag I could bring
Plus the cash I got for the ring
You were waiting at the station
With a Thermos & some flowers
I knew your jacket from your picture

The streets were so empty
You'd think it was the rapture
Our midnight world
Just me & you

I moved into your apartment
It was comfortable for two
You let me paint the bedroom blue
I started working at the bar
You would drive me in your car
And you'd come pick me up too

Headlights down deserted roads
Looked like a lunar landscape
Our midnight world
Just me & you

Jesse gave me the divorce
When I was 34
I just can't see the kids anymore
That night after closing
We opened up some good champagne
And we slow danced across the floor

That night the radio played Moon River
In our midnight world
For me & you

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