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Alma Mater / Alma Mater

This song is by The Pink Ladies and The Burger Palace Boys and appears on the musical soundtrack Grease (1972).

"I saw a dead skunk on the highway
And I was goin' crazy from the smell
'Cause when the wind was blowin' my way
It smelled just like the halls of old Rydell
And if you've gotta use the toilet
And later on you start to scratch like hell
Take off your underwear and boil it
'Cause you've got memories of old Rydell

I can't explain Rydell, this pain Rydell
Is it ptomaine Rydell gave me

Is it v.d. Rydell
Could be Rydell
You outta see the faculty

If Mister Clean, Rydell
Had seen Rydell
He'd just turn green and disappear
I'm outta luck Rydell
Dead duck Rydell
I'm stuck Rydell, right here"


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