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Nasty Crab

This song is by Adina Howard.

Boy you came just in time I'am feelin' like, like I wanna ride I still have some position and I still ain't done let me have my fun.
Whip cream strawberries down ya back got cherries ain't nobody gotta know my name assume the position michelle's on a mission
And I start at one come over two turn over three remember four you're a freak like me five I'am on my knees ya begging me nobody's gonna do ya like me
My nasty crab yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah nobody's gonna do ya like me now meet me in the shower in about an hour you wash my back
And I'll wash yours now take it to the bedroom I'am in a sexy move you do me and watch as I do you two bodies vibrating your man hood is exalating.
Tongues touch bodies trace turn over I don't wanna see your face kiss your neck your back your toes what's next "chorus"do you want me?you can have me.
Do you need me I'am yours.ask me and see I promise its yours. anything you want I got it, anything you need its yours nobodys gonna do you like me.All my
Ladies say hey a hey a, hey a hey a, hey a hey a nobodys gonna do ya like me. all my ladies say yeah, say yeah yeah yeah.
'Chorus until fade.

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