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Cool Guy 4

This song is by Adam Sandler and appears on the album Stan And Judy's Kid (1999).

-{Sean on the phone with a call-girl.}-

SEAN: What's your name, baby?

GIRL #4: Desiree.

SEAN: Oh, what a nice name for a nice girl, such as your self.

GIRL #4: What's your name?

-{Sean presses 'play' button on tape player}-

SEAN: My name's sean, I want to get it on.

GIRL #4: Ooh.

SEAN: you know what I'm talking about, honey, I want to drop some serious loving on you, mama.

GIRL #4: Oh sean, you sound so strong, like you really know what you want.

SEAN: Yeah baby, I'm strong as a bear, I want to wrap my big arm around you,--

GIRL #4: Oh my.

SEAN: --You want to be spinning around for some more lovin' I got for you?

GIRL #4: That's sounds nice, sean.

SEAN: You know what else sounds nice, the sound of your clothes slidding off and hitting the floor. that's music to my ears.

GIRL #4: I'm already naked, how about you?

SEAN: Well, I'm half way there, baby, just let me slip out of these silky boxer shorts of mine.

GIRL #4: You must look good you stud, are you hard?

SEAN: Baby, my tally-whacker's all revved up and ready to go.

GIRL #4: ..."Tally-whacker"?

SEAN: No, no, no... I said the sweet-meat.

GIRL #4: Oh my god.

SEAN: What?

GIRL #4: -{To other call girl}- I just heard some fucking idiot call it a tally-whacker.

-{Sean groans}-

CALL GIRL #2: -{To Girl #4}- your kidding?

GIRL #4: -{To other call girl}- And his sweet-meat.

CALL GIRL #2: -{To Girl #4}- that's so gross.

-{She hangs up}-

SEAN: No. She did not just fucking hang up on me for 4 dollars a fucking minute.

-{Hangs up}-

What the fuck is happening


... I'm horny, goddamn it. Oh, shit. Fucking, this is so un-chill.

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