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The correct title of this article is Hey #3/Perfect for You (Reprise). Some symbols have been changed to their equivalent word due to technical restrictions.
Hey Number 3/Perfect For You (Reprise)

This song is by Adam Chanler-Berat and Jennifer Damiano and appears on the musical soundtrack Next to Normal (2009).

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Henry: Hey...
Natalie: Hey...
Henry: You look like a star
A vision in blue
Natalie: Oh I do?
Henry: And you are

Hey... you came
Natalie: Well, I said that I might
Henry: I thought we were through
Me and you
Natalie: Not tonight

Henry: Will your mom be okay?
Natalie: Well, she might be some day
Henry: But for now it's all fine?
Natalie: She's still on my mind
Henry: Can you leave it behind?
Natalie: Hey, hey
Henry: Stay, let's see this thing through
Natalie: Am I crazy?
I might end up crazy
Henry: I'll be here for you

Natalie: You say that right here
But then give it a year
Or 10 years or a life
I could end up your wife
Sitting staring at walls
Throwing shit down the stairs
Freaking out at the store
Running nude down the street
Bleeding out in the bath

Henry: Perfect for you
I will be perfect for you
So you could go crazy
Or I could go crazy, it's true
Sometimes life isn't sane
But crazy I know I can do
'Cause crazy is perfect
And fucked up is perfect
So I will be perfect
Natalie: Perfect...
Both: Perfect for you...


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