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She's Country

This song is by Adam Brand and appears on the album Get Loud (2004).

She was born out in the sticks
In the drought of '76
Pulled the wings off bugs for kicks
She's country
Learned to drive in a beat up hack
Shotgun and an old bashed hat
Chasin' roos and razorback
She's country

She'll look you in the eye
Work all day and dance all night
Drink the whole bar dry
Hot days you can find her there
Lying by the lake and she don't care
Wearin' nothin' but her long dark hair
She's country

She's country certified
Country till the day she dies
She's country born and bred
She's country as it gets

Grew up fast in '89
Helped her Ma keep the farm alive
The year her daddy died
Put a roof on the old hay shed
Fixed the truck when it blew a head
Hung in when she was over it
She's country

She was born out in the sticks
In the drought of '76
She'll never call it quits

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